Tuesday, September 6, 2016

100 Days Project (Days 1-8)

Hello everyone!

As I said in my last post, I am undertaking the 100 Days Project this year. You can see my daily updates on the website here, but I will warn you I'm not uploading every day. In the matter of being truthful, I'm not necessarily creating one every day either. But I will have 100 at the end. I play catch up on my days off if I've missed one or two during the week.

A little while back, I decided to put all my "older" Kaiser collections in a separate organiser to the rest. The way I divided them was basically, 6" paper pads were old, 6.5" paper pads were newer. The idea of that box was that I would use it up in the first instance before moving onto newer things. I cut all the 12" paper down to 6" squares, put all the co-ordinating embellishments etc in zip lock bags, and stored them away.

And have barely touched it since.

So that is one of the outcomes I hope to achieve from this challenge. I want to use up my stash, and build up my card stash. The aim is to make as many cards as I can from each collection, or until I lose motivation for that collection, before I move onto the next. Then, the remainder will either be binned (tiny scraps) or donated. I have a couple of friends with toddlers, and another who works in a kindy, so I intend to share the love.

The first collection I dived into was Kaisercraft's Candy Lane collection. This collection was released in October 2012. This range shouts "birthday" and "girl" so I stuck fairly closely to that theme. I have the occasional card with no sentiment yet, and I have done that so they are more versatile for when I need them (as I explained in my previous post).

I'm not spending much time worrying about the photo quality of these cards. For now, it's just about snapping a pic and uploading it. Most are taken with my phone. I try and wait until the sun is shinning so they are a bit better. If I decided to upload these cards to my facebook page for sale, I will take better photos at that time.

I'm also not going to bother much about explaining the products used etc as they are likely all ancient! Primarily though, these cards will just be the relevant collection, coordinating Kaisercraft cardstock, minimal embellishments and a sentiment stamp. Feel free to leave a comment if you want to know the exact details of anything.

Thanks for stopping by!

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